Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Break's ova, it's Tha Takeova!!

Last night, Carlos and I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by the hottest up-and-coming internet radio show on the east coast, Tha TakeOva Show. Approached by the show's hosts (and GDS clients) Frank Dukes and DJ GetLoose, we were more than happy to sit in and talk about music, photography, and... wax. We also established the show's first-ever contest, "Tha TakeOva's Shorty of The Week", where female listeners can submit their photos in hopes of being selected to win a full photo shoot here at the studio. As an added treat for the listeners/viewers, we're also inviting Tha TakeOva show to broadcast live from our stage while the shoot is in progress. Since we invite models to bring their own music to play while we shoot, what could be better than having a live DJ?!

Also during the breaks, Carlos was snapping some photos for an impromptu shoot. Photos after the jump.

Tune in to Tha TakeOva Show every Monday through Friday night from 10PM to 12AM on ClubZone.fm


Gray Door Studio on the TakeOva Show from Gray Door Studio on Vimeo.

Clockwise from top left:
Carlos, Chris, Frank Dukes, and DJ Odie

Clockwise from top:
DJ GetLoose, Mike, DJ Odie, Carlos, Chris, Frank Dukes, and Al Money

Sunday, July 25, 2010

caitspaint.com at Gray Door Studio

Today we have a long but exciting shoot. We are working with a very talented body painter Cait From caitspaints.com We will be doing 2 superheros. Here are a few pics from the shoot. -CA-

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday's No Show

Friday we had scheduled a shoot with Camille Ann model from modellmayhem. She was a no show and it is a shame too cause we had some interesting looks in mind. Oh well at least i got a chance to work on my contest photos.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The TV Pilot

We have been working on a TV pilot for about a month now. We have just finished the actual show and several different trailers for the pitch. With a little luck the show will get picked up and we will continue working with Famoose Entertainment.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Customer in the New Studio

This weekend was interesting and a bit frustrating. One week before we are moved in to the new studio we had to take care of a new customer. Bobby G is a local hip hop artist in the NYC/NJ he is very talented and most of all is an artist that speaks about relevant issues and not the crap you hear on the radio. My brother approached me about taking him on as a client this weekend and i was going to say no because we are far from done in the new studio, but my brother told me about how he is being deployed to Iraq on tuesday (3/16/2010) and that made my answer a definite yes.

Bobby wanted a music video and a pictures which normally is simple enough, but we had to shoot the music video in the crazy rain the northeast was hit with. After shooting three different shots directly in the rain we managed to find a spot that was pretty covered. We finished shooting the rest of the shots in a few hours. It wasn't a half bad shoot it was simple like the videos shot I shot in the beginning of my carrier, raw and very true to the artist's identity. i even went so far as to use only my brother as the crew. i t sounds crazy but i am very happy with the shoot.

Bobby's photo shoot went OK he did 2 wardrobe changes and chose 2 different backgrounds. we got some good shots. i can't wait to show him the pics and the video once i finally have the thing edited.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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