Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Customer in the New Studio

This weekend was interesting and a bit frustrating. One week before we are moved in to the new studio we had to take care of a new customer. Bobby G is a local hip hop artist in the NYC/NJ he is very talented and most of all is an artist that speaks about relevant issues and not the crap you hear on the radio. My brother approached me about taking him on as a client this weekend and i was going to say no because we are far from done in the new studio, but my brother told me about how he is being deployed to Iraq on tuesday (3/16/2010) and that made my answer a definite yes.

Bobby wanted a music video and a pictures which normally is simple enough, but we had to shoot the music video in the crazy rain the northeast was hit with. After shooting three different shots directly in the rain we managed to find a spot that was pretty covered. We finished shooting the rest of the shots in a few hours. It wasn't a half bad shoot it was simple like the videos shot I shot in the beginning of my carrier, raw and very true to the artist's identity. i even went so far as to use only my brother as the crew. i t sounds crazy but i am very happy with the shoot.

Bobby's photo shoot went OK he did 2 wardrobe changes and chose 2 different backgrounds. we got some good shots. i can't wait to show him the pics and the video once i finally have the thing edited.

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