Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Shoot 01-7-2011

So with all the snow that has hit the east coast we decided to do a shoot in the snow. We decided to try to go out and do three sets. We did some really quick location scouting the day of and we decided to go shoot in North Hudson Park. We were lucky that no one went to the park and decided to play in the fields of snow. The unfortunate thing is that parking was a major headache. This actually forced us to change our plans.

The first set was a white on white set. white clothing on a white field of snow. On our way to the shoot a tree caught our eye and we decided to make the shoot about the contrast of the tree and the models. The second and third set was supposed to be in and around the park but the parking and the PD was not cooperating with us. So we decided to look elsewhere.

After some much needed warming up in Starbucks with our vanilla lattes we decided to go to old river road and do the last 2 sets.

The shoot was a lot of fun despite the fact that we were freezing in 30 degree weather. It was sooooo cold that even the equipment was starting to fail. Despite the crazy weather we did get some amazing shots.

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