Saturday, February 19, 2011

Evacuate the building please

No one can ever say that interesting things do not happen to us.  Today we rented our studio for a few hours to our good friend Ricky for a music video. Or we were i should say....  After Ricky and Carlos  loaded up the first round of gear they decided to go over the shot list and discuss some of the possible lighting set ups there was a knock on the door. Carlos opens the door and is greeted by a firefighter. He tells Carlos that he has to evacuate the building in 5 min because the utility pole from across the street is about to fall on the building. he then goes on to say that they think it will they need PSE&G to come and inspect the pole, but in the meantime they are shutting off electricity to the block just in case.

So we quickly grabbed everything that was completely necessary, and a laptop, and ran out the door. Ricky and carlos decided to go to starbucks in edgewater just to kill a few hours and then go back and check on the progress of what PSE&G was doing.

But before Carlos left he took some pics of what was going on.

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