Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ralph Berr Comes to Gray Door Studio

Sometimes gigs come from unexpected places. A few days before the shoot we were having a meeting to about building our year year 3 portfolio everything was going well when at midnight we get a knock on our door. It was a close friend of our photographer Carlos. He came in to say hello and to ask us if we were willing to shoot a DJ the only catch was we needed to shoot him in a few days. Normally that would not be a problem but it was a thursday night and we were booked for the whole weekend. The only day we had available was monday, which normally is our day off.

Our photographer Carlos and our Make up artist Suzie decided to take the job. Ralph was a little nervous. This was his first shoot. We originally wanted to do 3 large sets but we wound up doing 7 small sets. The more relaxed, less stressful and quicker sets turned out to be exactly what Ralph needed.

Here are some of the pics from his shoot.

You can contact Ralp Berr here:

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