Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Happened to April's Posts???

Many of you probably are wondering why we have been on a hiatus during the month of April. Most of the staff has been taking their vacations this month. We have done a few interesting photoshoots in the first half of the month but the last half has been kind of quiet with Carlos A taking 2 weeks off. We have managed to get us a new prop, a custom chopper, we only have it for a few weeks and we can't wait to make use of it. Lately we have really gotten a chance to get in touch with our musical side, by producing tracks for an upcoming folk singer, "Emily" and hip hop group, "k-Notah". We will post the april shoots on our blog soon and things will get back to normal

Since we do not have a photo to post we decided to post a pic of most of the staff.

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