Monday, May 30, 2011

Busy Memorial Day Weekend

We have had a VERY busy weekend. We have run one of our poor photographers ,Carlos A., raged on Friday. We had him do a studio shoot with a sweet 16 court at 4PM and then do the first half of a wedding at 5PM and then shoot a first time model at 1AM. I know it is a very odd time to start a shoot but she was brought in by one of our staff members KJ and that was the only time she had to shoot. The good thing was that our product photographer John Lee was around so he gave Carlos a hand.

On Sat we had to make a song to add to a soundtrack for a short film. We would up making 5 tracks and only like one of them. So after a few tweaks and keeping the same theme we did with the other songs we crated for the film we sent the client a rough cut. Then at 5 in the afternoon we did a small studio session with K-Notah and recorded a behind the scenes video for them. Then at midnight we proceeded to start shooting there first music video. 4 hours later we were done shooting.

Sunday was another long day. Were editing several projects and were prepping for a shoot with a reggaeton artist from queens. He later called and canceled the shoot. So we just continued editing till 6PM. Then we started the selection of photos for the studio's new photo book.

Monday is a slow day we are going to go shopping for supplies cause are almost out of everything. Which normally would not be a big thing but the traffic is going to be brutal....

Normally we only have 4 photos per post but since we have have shoot so much this weekend we decided decided to post a few more then normal.

Here are few pictures from our shoots:

Here are some photos of our staff at work:

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